• Current PhD supervision and cosupervision:
    • Sietze Kuilman. Started June 2021. The non-negotiables: constructing a negotiation protocol with sociopolitical and philosophical prerequisites. Supervision team: Luciano (daily supervisor), Catholijn Jonker (promotor).
    • Ashwin George. Started July 2021. Emergence and Responsibility in Multi-Agent Mixed-Traffic Interactions. Supervision team: Arkady Zgonnikov (daily supervisor), Luciano (daily supervisor), David Abbink (promotor).
  • Current MSc supervision and cosupervision:
    • Yuhao Xuan. Explanation System for Negotiation Support. Supervision team: Luciano (daily supervisor), Sietze Kuilman (daily supervisor), Catholijn Jonker (thesis advisor).
    • Miny Rajiv. A multi-dimensional approach to ‘Explainable AI’: Mitigating potential harms of AI-supported public decisions. Supervision team: Luciano, Sietze Kuilman, Mireia Yurrita Semperena, Alessandro Bozzon.
  • Previous MSc supervision and cosupervision at TU Delft:
  • Previous MSc supervision and cosupervision at other institutions: